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Walmart’s Exit From the Healthcare Business Confirms Traditional IT Won’t Work… 

Walmart’s exit from the healthcare business confirms that healthcare is not a “business” in the traditional sense. Healthcare providers have known this forever. Dealing with the labyrinth of regulations, reimbursements, and codes to get paid is not a typical business environment. Walmart concluded that it could not make a reasonable profit with this model and shut down its clinics.   

The same goes for traditional IT approaches to healthcare.  The real-time nature of care delivery, the complexity of billing, HIPAA regulations, and constant cyber-attacks are not found in other industries.  The traditional IT approach builds massive amounts of technical debt, now resulting in almost weekly breaches in the news.   

Shifting From Traditional IT Model Can Be Challenging

Shifting from the traditional IT model can be challenging. Many practices are numb to the reactive response times, lack of flexibility, and disjointed nature of their IT solutions. They see IT as a necessary evil and treat it as a cost center. This leads to cost minimization and a lack of proactive planning. This continues until there is a breach, and then there is a huge (reactive) push that costs the practice time and money it doesn’t have. 

The good news is that you don’t have to exit the healthcare business space like Walmart did!  HealthSafeIT was designed from the ground up to provide practices with a complete, secure, and responsive IT platform.  Can you imagine “checking the box” on IT without constantly being asked to approve additional fees?  Knowing that your security is proven and compliant.  Not having to manage multiple internal and external resources?   

Don’t wait for a crisis to discover the strength of your IT support. Schedule a call today to learn how we can streamline your IT operations, protect your data, and save you time and money.

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Walmart’s Exit From the Healthcare Business Confirms Traditional IT Won’t Work… 

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