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New dangers in healthcare are rapidly changing healthcare IT and cybersecurity, forcing the good guys to keep up. The adversaries love the new advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging cutting-edge technologies to orchestrate their attacks with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Gone are the days when malicious actors relied solely on scripting to sift through compromised credentials and emails.

Today, AI is the new weapon in their arsenal, enabling hackers to construct a detailed profile of their targets within an hour. Such a profile includes whom you communicate with, the subjects of your conversations, details about your current projects, and even aspects of your personal life. 

Here are some specific AI threats in healthcare:

  1. Deepfake Impersonation of a boss or executive: This has been happening for years, and every office worker should know to ignore emails or texts from their boss to buy gift cards and send them over. The new AI threat means the email might sound like a real email. Or worse, it may arrive as a phone message that is in your boss’s voice with the latest voice cloning technology.
  2. AI Automated Attacks: Hackers can use AI to continue attacks on your staff and infrastructure above and beyond what a person can do. This would manifest as ongoing attacks that your IT provider will have to deal with or, worse, as communication with AI bots by your staff. Ongoing security awareness, as we offer, is one good way to spread the news quickly to your team.
  3. Rapid Malware Development: Hackers can now use AI to generate new forms of malware quicker than ever before. This means your antivirus software may be unable to keep up with the new malware, which could get through your system. Malware detection is better than ever, but that doesn’t mean something couldn’t get through. For that reason alone, we provide and monitor the best protection software available for our clients to keep them safe.

Training and Microsoft 365 For AI Threats in Healthcare

In response to these evolving threats, healthcare clinics must adopt a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity. That approach is where HealthSafeIT comes into play. Leveraging the robust framework of Microsoft 365, HealthSafeIT configures and secures your IT environment to thwart potential cybersecurity threats. However, technology alone is not a silver bullet. The human element plays a critical role in maintaining a secure IT environment. 

Acknowledging this, HealthSafeIT provides extensive security training to healthcare clinic staff, empowering them to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively. This training is not a one-time event but a continuous process of adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. 

Cybercriminals’ integration of AI underscores the urgency for healthcare clinics to enhance their cyber defenses. With HealthSafeIT, clinics can leverage the advanced capabilities of Microsoft 365, configured and maintained to the highest security standards. Coupled with ongoing staff training, clinics can fortify their defenses against the sophisticated threats posed by AI-empowered adversaries. 

Staying Ahead of AI Threats in Healthcare

As AI continues to reshape the battlefield of cybersecurity, healthcare clinics must stay ahead of the curve. By partnering with us and adopting a holistic approach to cybersecurity, clinics can safeguard their data and, more importantly, their patients’ trust. The bad guys may have AI, but the good guys can still prevail with the right strategies and tools. 

Visit our Approach page to learn more about how we can help secure your healthcare clinic in the age of AI-driven cyber threats. 

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The Bad Guys Have AI Too

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