HealthSafeIT Logo

Daniel Buchanan

Marketing and Recruiting Manager

Since 2004 Daniel has been helping healthcare groups build better IT systems and make better decisions.

Andrew Growden

Technical Support Services Manager

Andrew's excellence with IT support ensures his whole team has the right attitude and capabilities to address your challenge.

Daniel Lenerville

Director of Operations

Daniel's over 35 years of experience in IT serving Fortune 100 companies brings a depth and breadth of expertise unmatched in the industry.

Brad Morrow

Head of Sales

Brad's leadership and experience with healthcare IT spans decades and makes sure we're connected to the best resources and partners.

Edward Stringfellow

Business Strategy Advisor

Edward's vision and execution ensures we find the right partners and deliver the best business outcomes.

Nick Sturgeon

Director of Technology

Nick brings a wealth of technical expertise around IT and healthcare best practices, delivering roadmap improvements across our client base.

Anna Taylor

Admin and Director of Finance

Anna's attention to detail and understanding of IT operations brings a predictable and budget friendly approach to IT growth.

Our History

Since 2005, Stringfellow Technology Group has been perfecting healthcare IT services. Now, we’ve made it even easier with HealthSafeIT, our unique approach to healthcare managed IT services.

HealthSafeIT simplifies healthcare IT, increasing productivity, and ensuring uninterrupted operations in healthcare clinics. Our HealthSafeIT roadmap helps you plan out the advancement of your healthcare group up to three years ahead.

Beyond technical solutions, HealthSafeIT emphasizes training and compliance, offering engaging security and HIPAA training and streamlined IT compliance.

As a key part of the HealthSafeIT mission, we are dedicated to navigating and simplifying the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, ensuring our clients stay ahead in providing exceptional patient care.

HealthSafeIT is your healthcare business partner, offering complete managed IT services and support for your medical group. We look forward to being a part of your success.