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Managed IT Services for Single-Site Clinics

We recognize the unique challenges of managing IT service needs for single-location clinics. Our Managed IT Services are specifically designed to support these clinics, ensuring that technology enhances rather than hinders patient care delivery.

Here’s what’s included with HealthsafeIT managed IT services.

A Complete Solution

HealthSafeIT Includes everything your practice needs to be secure, compliant and productive.  No more time spending “figuring out” how your IT needs to work.  Check the box on security, HIPAA compliance, and support all at once.  

An Easy Transition

Making the switch to HealthSafeIT is easy.  We handle the transition from your existing IT following a proven 60-day process.  No downtime, unnecessary meetings, or additional fees. 

An Affordable fixed fee

Everything you need for one fixed fee.  No more project or per user fees.  Easy to budget and understand.