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Managed IT Services for Multi-Site Clinics

With HealthSafeIT, we recognize the unique challenges of managing IT service needs in single-location clinics. Our Managed IT Services are specifically designed to support these clinics, ensuring that technology enhances rather than hinders patient care delivery.

Here’s what’s included with HealthsafeIT managed IT services.

Annual Roadmap and Budget

HealthSafeIT’s roadmap and budget planning aids leadership in making strategic technology investment decisions. This ensures your healthcare IT strategy is future-proof, aligning with your clinic’s growth and evolving needs.

Fast, Friendly Remote Support

The HealthSafeIT Service Desk provides immediate support to end-users, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Quick and efficient remote assistance ensures uninterrupted clinical operations.

Backup and Recovery

Data is one of the most critical assets for any healthcare provider. HealthSafeIT’s Managed Backup and Recovery guarantees that your data is not only protected but also swiftly recoverable in any event, providing you with uncompromised data safety.

HIPAA Compliant Security and Training

Adherence to regulations is non-negotiable in healthcare. HealthSafeIT ensures compliance through engaging User IT Security and HIPAA Training, making regulatory education not just informative but also engaging for your staff.

User Management

Seamless User Provisioning is made possible with HealthSafeIT’s system designed to streamline HR processes, facilitating effortless onboarding and transitions for your healthcare clinic’s staff.

Dedicated Technology Advisor

Receive tailored support and guidance from a Dedicated Technical Advisor. HealthSafeIT ensures that you have a go-to expert for all your IT-related queries and needs, providing personalized attention to your clinic’s technology journey.

Project Planning and Delivery

Effective project execution is key to IT success in healthcare. HealthSafeIT manages the entire lifecycle of IT projects, ensuring meticulous planning and delivery for your clinic’s technology upgrades and implementations.

Microsoft 365 License and Management

The Dedicated Technical Advisor service provides specialized guidance to support your technology planning and decision-making processes.

Managed Network and WiFi

With HealthSafeIT’s Managed Network and WiFi services, your clinic can expect a robust and secure network infrastructure that supports all your healthcare operations without disruptions.

Purchasing and Equipment Tracking

HealthSafeIT simplifies the complexity of IT processes with tools like Workstation Procurement and comprehensive Asset Management systems, ensuring your clinic has the necessary equipment and that it’s tracked efficiently for optimal utilization.