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Is your Healthcare IT Provider a VAR in Sheep’s Clothing?  

In healthcare IT, having the right technology solutions is pivotal in ensuring efficient, secure, and compliant operations. As organizations seek to navigate the technology landscape, it is important to recognize the choice between a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and a healthcare IT provider like HealthSafeIT.

Is your traditional MSP (Managed Service Providers) a VAR in Sheep’s clothing? Do they get a commission from selling you a product or profit from a solid partnership and help your company grow with good IT strategy and advice? Knowing the difference can save you time and money and will deliver the best partner for your growing healthcare business. 

VARs versus a Healthcare IT Provider

A VAR is a company that takes an existing IT product, adds its features or services, and resells it as a new solution. VARs typically focus on selling hardware and software bundles with added installation, configuration, and support services. Does this sound familiar? 

However, this approach can be somewhat generic, lacking the bespoke solutions needed in the nuanced healthcare field. The VAR approach can also be product-centric instead of solution-focused. It is just trying to sell whatever widget brings the most commission this quarter without understanding your business or how it works. 

To be clear, VARs aren’t necessarily a bad business model; we work with many VARs to buy hardware wholesale through their distribution channels. However, we are constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest “solution” for problems already solved. Knowing now about VARs, does this line up with your traditional IT provider? Are they pushing new products, seemingly solving problems you thought were already solved? 

HealthSafeIT: Our Unique Approach to Healthcare IT 

Unlike the traditional MSP, HealthSafeIT diverges with a focus on healthcare-specific IT solutions. Here’s how HealthSafeIT stands apart: 

  • Cost Efficiency: HealthSafeIT designs its services to be economically advantageous, claiming up to 30% savings for healthcare groups, contrasting with the often hardware-centric cost structures of VARs. 
  • Strategic Technology Planning: While VARs may provide technology, HealthSafeIT goes further by offering intelligent technology roadmaps tailored to healthcare, ensuring long-term scalability and compliance. This detailed understanding of your specific business separates us from a traditional VAR. We know you, we work with you, and we’re here to support any solution we suggest. Good luck getting support from a VAR. They’ll refer you to your IT department, and depending on their understanding of the new product, they’ll have to try and figure out how to support that new product themselves. Our support team has standardized our solution stack on what’s best for our partners, so we have already trained certified experts in whatever we suggest. And we’ll be available to provide world-class support we’ve been famous for since 2005. 
  • Focused on Compliance: Given the critical importance of HIPAA and other regulations in healthcare, HealthSafeIT emphasizes gamified HIPAA training and IT compliance templates, areas where VARs will not offer specialized support. It will be up to you and your internal team to get up to speed on the solution and make sure it fits your compliance goals. This will take a lot of collaboration and configuration. On top of your IT’s existing roles and responsibilities, this can quickly fall to the back burner, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to misconfigurations and failed compliance checks. 
  • Comprehensive Support Services: Beyond the installation and basic support offered by many VARs, HealthSafeIT provides support services, including a service desk, user provisioning, and workstation management, designed to streamline healthcare IT operations. We support you well, and we do it for companies like yours. You won’t have to worry about being “too small” or “bothering” us with your support request. Our relationship is all about making the best recommendations and supporting your team along the way. 

The HealthSafeIT Difference 

HealthSafeIT’s key differentiator is its specialization. While a VAR may offer broad IT solutions, HealthSafeIT understands the healthcare industry’s unique challenges and requirements. From cost-saving measures to compliance and beyond, HealthSafeIT’s holistic approach integrates security, efficiency, and compliance into every aspect of its technology solutions. 

In conclusion, as healthcare organizations deliberate on their IT strategy, choosing between a traditional VAR and a specialized provider like HealthSafeIT hinges on the need for customized, healthcare-centric solutions. HealthSafeIT’s model is not just about selling technology; it’s about partnering with healthcare groups to ensure their IT infrastructure is a strategic asset fully aligned with their operational goals and compliance needs. 

For those looking to delve deeper into the specifics of HealthSafeIT’s approach and how it contrasts with the VAR model, further information is available here. 

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Is your Healthcare IT Provider a VAR in Sheeps Clothing

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