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HealthSafeIT Onboarding For New Clients: Streamline Your Business IT Needs

Welcome to HealthSafeIT. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the efficient and structured HealthSafeIT onboarding client journey to ensure your business IT needs are met precisely and carefully. The journey is divided into three major parts: Preparing, Onboarding, and the Bright Future ahead after everything is going.

Preparing: Laying the Groundwork For the Best HealthSafeIT Onboarding

The Preparation phase is the first and crucial step towards a successful partnership with HealthSafeIT. This phase spans approximately 30 days, focusing on understanding and aligning with your business requirements.

  1. Sales Process:
    • Discovery Call: A short yet insightful conversation to understand your needs and determine the compatibility with our offerings.
    • Prospect Survey: A comprehensive survey to gather detailed insights about your business needs, current applications, and key metrics. This is an important step where we learn about your existing IT scenario, whether internal or with another IT provider, and what will be required in the migration.
    • Product Presentation and Recommendations: This is an informative session in which the sales team presents technology solutions, a one —to three-year roadmap, and a 12-month budget tailored to your business.
    • Technical Assessment (Optional): If required, a thorough technical readiness assessment is conducted to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. This may be your first interface with your IT team that can indicate you’re looking to change, so they may not be as helpful as you’d like. Don’t worry; we’ve done migrations in hostage situations before! We know how to navigate these delicate situations and ensure nothing is lost and the transition is seamless.
    • Presentation of Roadmap, Pricing, and Agreement: This is a final review of the recommendations, roadmap, and agreement, including pricing details.

HealthSafeIT Onboarding: Setting the Stage for Success

The Onboarding phase lasts around 60 days, where our team works closely with your business to implement and align the IT infrastructure seamlessly.

  1. Backoffice Process (4 Days):
    • Setup and Welcome: Establishing your details in our HealthSafeIT System.
    • Onsite Documentation: Documenting your IT environment comprehensively, including visual records.
  2. Onboarding Process:
    • Baseline Alignment Projects: Aligning baseline projects to your specific needs.
    • Installation and Network Control: This will be another point where we’ll interface with your existing IT team, potentially one of our competitors. We do this all the time; don’t worry about them throwing a wrench in the machine or breaking something on the way out. We know what to look for, we are experts at migrating away from toxic losing IT situations, and we’ll make sure the process is as painless as possible.
    • Service Desk Activation: Make the service desk operational and ready to support your business. You’ll get a “Go Live” date for our service desk when you can begin to reach out for support from the HealthSafeIT support team. Sometimes, this overlaps with your existing IT provider, in case they still hold some information necessary to provide help. We’ll ensure we have everything we need before you cut the cord, and you’ll have a Technology Advisor by your side all along the way.

Bright Future and Next Steps: Building a Positive and Ongoing Relationship After Your HealthSafeIT Onboarding

After the initial onboarding, we are committed to maintaining a positive and ongoing relationship with your business through regular IT Reviews (ITRs).

  1. ITR Reviews (Ongoing):
    • Initial ITR +30 Days: Conducting the first ITR (Intelligent Technology) review after 30 days to ensure everything runs smoothly.
    • Ongoing Relationship: Continuously working to maintain and enhance the relationship, ensuring your IT needs are consistently met. We will schedule recurring meetings with your team at this point to retain ongoing insight into what your company is into and make sure technology helps.

HealthSafeIT is more than just the best, most comprehensive IT solution for healthcare; HealthSafeIT is a partnership to empower your business through streamlined and efficient IT management. By following these structured steps – Preparing, Onboarding, and establishing your Bright Future – we ensure that your journey toward the best IT growth center is smooth, effective, and tailored to your needs.

Embrace the future of IT with HealthSafeIT, lets get connected today.

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Getting Ready for HealthSafeIT Onboarding

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