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Is Your Healthcare Clinic Unknowingly Losing $576K Annually Due to the Cost of IT Issues?

In the healthcare industry, IT disruptions can be more than just an annoyance—they can be costly. Have you calculated the cost of IT issues?

Consider this: a typical healthcare clinic faces a 20-minute productivity loss for each IT-related interruption. Despite this, many IT service providers are fixated on metrics that don’t translate to real-world efficiency in a healthcare setting.

Here’s what counts: reducing IT issues. Fewer problems lead to less downtime, enhancing overall productivity.

The Cost of IT Issues for an Average-Sized Healthcare Clinic with Traditional IT Services

  • Total Staff: 40 (25 healthcare professionals, 15 administrative staff)
  • Average billing rate: $300/hr
  • Cost of IT issues for the whole office: $12,000/week
  • Cost of IT issues per month: $48,000/month
  • Cost per year: $576,000/year

These interruptions are not just a nuisance; they have a tangible financial impact. While it’s impossible to eliminate the cost of IT issues, significant reductions are possible.

Enter HealthSafeIT: Our clients typically experience 50% fewer IT-related problems than those using traditional IT services. Plus, when resolving issues, we’re up to 6x faster. We understand healthcare clinics’ unique challenges, from securing sensitive patient data to maintaining reliable and efficient access to critical systems.

Don’t let IT inefficiencies hamper your clinic’s productivity and patient care. Choose HealthSafeIT for reliable, efficient, and specialized IT support.

Discover how HealthSafeIT can transform your clinic’s IT management here.

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