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Clinic Admin Challenges: Key Takeaways from the Tennessee MGMA Conference

I recently attended the Tennessee MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) conference in Franklin, Tennessee to connect with healthcare administrators on the latest industry trends and clinic admin challenges. It was insightful to hear perspectives across a diverse range of practice settings. I wanted to recap and share the key takeaways from the event.

The Breadth of Issues Healthcare Administrators Manage is Astounding

It’s no secret that running a medical practice today is extraordinarily complex, but the sheer volume and variety of issues administrators face on a daily basis is mind-boggling. From maneuvering insurance claims and reimbursements to scheduling, patient communication, and more – administrators are juggling an incredible number of moving parts just to keep the lights on and get paid for services. This doesn’t even account for overseeing quality care delivery itself. It’s a full-time job to handle revenue cycle management and front office operations. The healthcare revenue cycle is frustratingly convoluted and the administrative lift required is often underestimated. Kudos to all the administrators powering through the turbulence to make care delivery possible.

Staffing Shortages and Turnover Remain Pressing Clinic Admin Challenges

Worker shortages are straining healthcare businesses just as they are across many industries. Conference attendees shared stories of turnover spikes from staff leaving for slightly higher paying opportunities nearby. Locating and retaining qualified personnel with the right skillsets is extremely difficult. Onboarding and training new staff with optimized speed and effectiveness is consequently more important than ever. Frustrating technology experiences early on further compound productivity and retention challenges. Developing the internal infrastructure and processes to smoothly integrate new hires sets the stage for longer tenures.

Reactive Technology Approaches Still Dominate – More Strategic Planning is Needed

IT sophistication varied widely amongst the practices represented, but a common thread was satisfaction with current providers based predominantly on responsive break-fix support. As long as issues were rapidly resolved, most seemed content. However, there were numerous acknowledgements that more proactive planning and upgrades would be beneficial in areas like security, backup, business continuity, efficiency, and more. Unfortunately the predominant mentality remains reactive rather than strategic.

The reality though is that a narrowly focused “put out fires” methodology can only go so far…Reliable technology is obviously non-negotiable but there is so much untapped potential on the table. Thoughtfully leveraging technical tools to streamline workflows, enhance access, tightly integrate systems, simplify staff onboarding, ensure regulatory compliance, and scale intelligently in line with evolving needs is how modern practices future-proof and unlock new levels of performance.

The takeaway for me was an affirmation of the value proposition HealthSafeIT provides. Our managed service relieves clients from perpetual reactionary cycles by taking a comprehensive and strategic approach. We handle the full technology stack so administrators can focus on business operations with confidence that the foundation to support growth is firmly in place. Everything from security to equipment life cycles & refresh planning to system integration & automation to staff training is orchestrated for continuity, compliance, and new employee productivity from day one.

If you’re ready to optimize technology for your practice rather than just maintain the status quo, I welcome a discussion. We have proven success helping healthcare clients improve profitability, efficiency, and security through our unique managed service model.

Reach out anytime to learn more!

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3 Key Insights from Tennessee MGMA Spring Conference

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