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4 Gaps Your Internal IT Team Won’t Overcome

Technology and patient care intertwine in healthcare, meaning good IT matters. However, healthcare groups with fewer than 500 employees often find their internal IT resources stretched thin and unable to meet the demands. This article highlights four challenges smaller groups face, underscoring why a partnership with HealthSafeIT provides superior IT support and strategy.

Knowledge Gap

  • Depth of Challenge: Healthcare IT is a broad field encompassing data security, patient privacy laws, and the latest medical technology. Smaller internal IT teams often lack the knowledge to manage these areas, leaving them vulnerable to breaches and compliance issues.
  • Real-world Implications: Consider a scenario where a regulatory change regarding patient data privacy goes unnoticed. The lag in response can result in compliance penalties and damage to patient trust, which are costly to rectify. Or worse, imagine a situation where a malware virus is running rampant through healthcare networks. If your team doesn’t have the means to share and collaborate on solutions to the latest threats, they won’t be able to deliver solutions in time to patch.
  • HealthSafeIT’s Solution: HealthSafeIT ensures its team remains well-versed in the latest healthcare IT requirements and technologies. Our continuous training and development mean that we not only follow but often exceed industry standards, offering peace of mind to our clients. We have a large body of institutional knowledge that helps our team deliver on our promises to our healthcare partners daily.

Software Gap

  • Depth of Challenge: Advanced software solutions are often pivotal for streamlining operations, from patient scheduling to record management. However, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining these systems can be prohibitive for smaller groups. On top of that, most IT people don’t even know which of the myriad of tools to put in place for your small group. The tools they used at their last corporate job are expensive and are possibly overkill for a clinic your size. Not to mention, a small clinic has many solutions for everyday problems such as asset management, security, backup and recovery, and other needs. There is no way a small team can adequately test each tool and know with certainty its the best tool for the job.
  • Real-world Implications: Without access to advanced, tested, and familiar tools, internal IT teams may need to rely on outdated systems that compromise efficiency and patient satisfaction. This can lead to longer patient wait times and increased errors in patient data handling. In the worst case, it can get your clinic hacked with ransomware, costing your practice a lot of money.
  • HealthSafeIT’s Solution: We provide scalable software solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare operations, enhancing service delivery without the overhead of direct management and upkeep. This includes everything from cloud services to advanced diagnostic tools, all maintained by our expert team. The toolset we use has been in place for years, and we have staff trained to use best practices across a whole host of other practices, just like yours. We aren’t trying new things and making your clinics the guinea pig. We have solid solutions we know and use daily, something internal IT just can’t do.

Staffing Gap

  • Depth of Challenge: The demand for skilled IT professionals often outstrips supply, particularly in specialized fields like healthcare IT. Smaller healthcare groups cannot offer competitive salaries or benefits, leading to high turnover rates and gaps in critical knowledge. Even if you find and hire a few good IT people, the monotony of working in one environment can wear on an engineer looking to keep up with current trends and learn more about IT. Many different roles are needed for IT, not just your primary technician or engineer. The best IT teams have strategists who understand the need for future-facing IT roadmaps that lead your company into a better place over time.
  • Real-world Implications: High turnover can disrupt IT services at crucial times, such as during system upgrades or security breaches, which can have dire consequences for operational stability and patient care. Trying to find, hire, and retain such a team can be time-consuming and costly and requires prior knowledge of IT trends across years of experience. Without keeping people in the right place, your internal team cannot keep your clinic up to date with the right tools and strategy.
  • HealthSafeIT’s Solution: Our team consists of dedicated professionals who specialize in healthcare IT, ensuring stability and a high level of expertise in handling and preventing IT-related issues in healthcare settings. We bring every role your clinic could need to your disposal, including long-term strategy and a proven roadmap that has been improved and proven since 2005.

Budget Gap

  • Depth of Challenge: Financial constraints are often the most tangible limitation for small healthcare groups, with funds typically prioritized for direct patient care rather than IT expenditure. IT staff are expensive, as are the tools and knowledge required to be effective in your practice. When deciding to hire more IT staff or clinical staff, most practices will rightfully decide the clinical staff is more critical. In addition to the internal pressure, external pressures from other jobs and other IT providers promise higher pay and better benefits than your small practice can realistically offer.
  • Real-world Implications: Limited budgets mean that investments in IT infrastructure are often deferred, leading to outdated systems that can neither support current needs nor scale with growth. The “greener grass” of bigger, shinier IT environments is enough to pull the most dedicated IT professionals to higher-paying, more rewarding jobs than your small clinic’s mundane day-to-day tickets and issues. The budget of healthcare clinics is tight enough without needing to also budget for an expensive internal IT team with enough salary to keep them satisfied and engaged with the problems your practice faces.
  • HealthSafeIT’s Solution: HealthSafeIT offers a cost-effective partnership model, providing access to the latest IT technologies and professional support at a fraction of the cost of in-house development. This allows healthcare groups to budget predictably and invest more in patient care. For the price of one or two IT people on staff, you can get a massive team of IT professionals touching thousands of users and hundreds of environments daily. We take great care of our staff and boast a low turnover rate for our engineers and consultants, meaning the familiar faces you talk to with HealthSafeIT will be there for your practice day after day.

So, what should small clinics do?

Small healthcare groups find it impossible to maintain a robust internal IT team. Knowledge gaps, software limitations, staffing turnover, and budget constraints hinder their ability to provide high-quality, efficient patient care. The dangers of skimping on IT can lead to slower staff productivity and potential data breaches and hacking.

HealthSafeIT addresses these challenges head-on, providing a partnership beyond typical vendor services. We offer a relationship that amplifies your IT capabilities, ensuring you remain at the forefront of healthcare technology without the overhead of managing it internally. Reach out today, and let’s talk about where your internal team is falling short and what needs to be done to keep your practice thriving.

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4 Gaps Your Internal IT Team Won't Overcome

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